Woke WOC Docs

A Podcast By and For WOC in Medicine and Health Justice

We are Woke WOC Docs, a podcast about the lives of womxn of color in medicine/health justice, including their unique experiences, viewpoints, and struggles in medical education, research, and practice. We want to reveal the insights we as womxn of color uniquely have on how medicine can transform to end health injustices and be a better institution of health, well-being, and healing.

Releasing episodes bi-weekly on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify. Subscribe & listen to us on these platforms!

Thanks to all our supporters! Since our launch in late October 2018, we have over 300 subscribers and 6,000 listens reaching 39+ countries! We are grateful for your support.

Mailing list: bit.ly/subscribewokewocdocs

Hosts: Bernadette Lim, Nicole Carvajal, Ivie Tokunboh


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